Pawan Kalyan, the Jana Sena Chief has posted a video on his facebook and Twitter and asked the people of Telangana to vote wisely for stable governance. In his Video message, PK said that his Jana Sena couldn’t contest Telangana polls due to lack of time owing to early elections.

Though Pawan Kalyan asks the people to vote wisely but he did not reveal  that whom his Jana Sena Party is supporting.  According to few netizens, Pawan Kalyan is indirectly requesting the people to vote for TRS. A Face book user Aravind Ravindranath wrote, “ Pawan ji indirectly has asked ppl to vote for TRS great move sir smartly said.” Another user Prasad Sadu said, “Jai jana sena TRS vote.”

 On the otherside, Jan Sena Tarangam, an exclusive 5 day programme by the Jana Sena party will be launched today. On Tuesday, Pawan Kalyan shared views live on Facebook and spoke about the concept of the Jana Sena Tarangam. He said that this programme  was going to be launched to explain the ideology and the ideals of the Jana Sena party.